Loaded Guns in the National Parks?

Guns in the parks? llamas

Llamas in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Right now, a visitor cannot carry a loaded gun in a National Park but Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn has proposed a bill that would overturn regulations on firearm possession in National Parks and Wildlife Refuges that have been in effect since 1987. This amendment would prohibit the Secretary of Interior from enforcing regulations currently in place that require gun owners to have their guns unloaded while visiting most units of the National Park System. That would include the Appalachian Trail.

Senator Coburn’s amendment could dramatically degrade the experience of park visitors and put their safety at risk if units of the National Park System were compelled to follow state gun laws. It would increase poaching and much worse. In many cases, states would also allow guns in their state parks. Do we really want gun massacres in the parks  the same way we have them in shopping malls?

Read all about it from the Coalition of National Park Retirees, the people who know the parks best and can voice their opinion.

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