Table Rock Mountain in Linville Gorge

From the top of Table Rock MountainSometimes I have to break away from my Smokies project and go somewhere else in the Southern Appalachians. Last weekend was the first weekend I didn’t spend any time continuing my goal. Instead I led a hike for the Carolina Mountain Club to Linville Falls and Table Rock Mountain.

The morning was spent at Linville Falls, where we did all the trails – about four miles. In the afternoon, we drove to Table Rock Mountain on a dusty dirt road. The drive was much harder than the hike. We had a fantastic day with blue  skies and visibility for miles. So it was not surprising that we had lots of company – people up and down and on top.

Then we climbed the other side of the parking lot through the Chimneys, an rocky area with unusual rock formations. This was in the Linville Gorge Wilderness Area so we had to limit the number of people to ten. Here we had few hikers but met rock climbers who were also taking advantage of the great weather.

It’s back to the Smokies again this coming weekend – rain or shine. And it looks like it will be mostly rain.

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