Green River Game Lands

Green River Yesterday, the Carolina Mountain Club led its New Year’s Day hike to the Green River Game Lands. We had 28 eager hikers, much too big a group, but this was a special traditional hike and a time for club members to reconnect.

The Green River Game Lands, a relatively new recreation area, are located in the southwestern corner of North Carolina, almost on the South Carolina border. At this point, the land is undisturbed wilderness with narrow, steep ravines, coves and some old-growth forests. The Green River runs through a rugged gorge on the Blue Ridge escarpment where at one point, it drops 400 feet in a distance of one and a half miles and runs through a six-foot wide crevice known as “the Narrows.” Pulliam Creek cuts a deep ravine near the Green River, forming several small cascades.

Green River CanoesWe always have lunch on the river, at the end of Pulliam Creek Trail. Yesterday, we were lucky to see several kayaking groups coming down as we ate. I always marvel at these folks who maneuver the boulders and come down the rushing river. We then started the climb up Pulliam Creek Trail. After about a mile, on the left, there are views of the rapids known as the Gorilla. The best kayakers in the country race this section of the Green River.

The sixteen miles of trails are managed by ECO (Environmental and Conservation Organization, a non-profit group in Hendersonville) and N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission. As the name implies, hunting, trapping and fishing are allowed in the Game Lands. The trails in the Game Lands, a mix of trails and old roads, are not blazed but signs mark the trails at intersections. You can get a map from ECO. It’s a nice change from our usual Pisgah/MST areas.

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