Snow Day

Library at Mt. LeConteToday was a snow day. My whole world was shut down in Asheville because of a little snow. I was supposed to go on a Carolina Mountain Club hike out of Canton but of course it was cancelled. Nothing to do but to sit in front of the computer, creating web pages for my new book Hiking North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Heritage. I went out in the afternoon and found it cold, raw and windy.

But then I got a press release from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that cheered me up. It said:

The winter caretaker at Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s  6,593′ high Mt
LeConte Lodge reported a low last night of -22 degrees – the coldest since
1886 and the 4th coldest day since they started keeping records in 1978. The
last time it was this cold was 1986

Besides being 22 below the Park’s
closest weather station with wind measuring equipment – Cove Mtn in Sevier
Couty, TN – reported gusts up to 45 mph last night. That works out to a wind
chill of -60 degrees. At 60 below exposed flesh will be frostbitten in 4

Now that’s cold. It’s forecasted to warm up this weekend. 


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