Earth Day – 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Simple trailHikers have never really celebrated Earth Day.

Started in 1970, it always seemed to be one day of good intentions, a new T-shirt and another reason to have a rock concert. Like fundamentalists who don’t celebrate Christmas, hikers prefer to go on the trail to hike or maintain trails.

But of course, there’s more to Earth Day than just the woods. Now we’re concerned about global warming and our diminishing resources. But like today’s Kathy’s cartoon, are we willing to make the sacrifices? To take time to not waste water, to carry a water bottle rather than buying water, to carry some fruit as we go through our day rather than buy junk foods?

Kathy cartoon - 090421

Kathy cartoon - 090422

 The last two days, Kathy has been right on the money!

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