Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls

Sometimes we’re so blinded by absolute altitude that we miss some of the beauty at lower elevation.

Yesterday, I checked out Unicoi State Park in North Georgia and Anna Ruby Falls in the Chattahoochee National Forest for an article I’m doing for Smoky Mountain Living. I drove over 350 miles round-trip for a few miles of hiking. And that’s just the first trip.

Anna Ruby Falls is at the junction of Curtis and York Creeks. Both creeks start on Tray Mountain, on the Appalachian Trail. When I went into the Visitor Center, the man behind the counter said that Tray Mountain was just a couple of miles from here as the crow flies. When I told him that I had done the A.T., he asked me if I remembered Tray Mountain. Since I hiked the Georgia section of the A.T. in 1995, the answer was a resounding “no”.

You only need to walk less than 0.3 mile to the Falls so there were a few people on the trail. But you can take Smith Creek trail from Unicoi State Park for a 10 mile round-trip hike, which I will do next week.

The falls are part of a scenic recreation area which means you need to pay two dollars a car to get in – if you don’t walk, that is. It’s worth it.


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