Twentymile in the Smokies

Could the Twentymile entrance into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park be the most remote area in the Smokies? West of Fontana Dam, it’s off the Dragon’s Tail.

Lost Cove Trail in the SmokiesThis past weekend, Lenny, in his quest for new Smokies miles, and I placed one car at Fontana Dam (the end car) and the starting car at Twentymile Ranger Station. We zigzagged up Twentymile, Wolf Ridge, Twentymile Loop Trail and Twentymile again to the A.T.  That last one was steep, the longest sustained climb of the day.

Then our first reward –  a long downhill on Lost Cove Trail. The stream was really running and my boots were wet from about half-way down. But look at that photo above. I feel wet boots were really worth it. By the last stream crossing on the way to Lakeshore Trail, I didn’t even pay attention to the water.

Lake Shore Trail CarThen our second reward – the cars on Lake Shore Trail. I’ve done this stretch of trail several times and I stop and pause each time to take pictures of the old cars. This is North Shore Road country. The cars are left over from when residents had to sell out and leave the area in 1943. TVA came in, created Fontana Dam and flooded NC 288. When you see the cars, you’re walking on the old NC 288.

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