In Galax, VA

This past weekend, I was in Galax, Virginia as part of the String and Leaf Festival. Chapters Bookshop,  the independent bookstore in the area, had a book fair. Over 30 authors participated, most from small publishers like mine or self-published.

Galax is a small, one main street, town (6,900 people) in the center of the Blue Grass and traditional mountain music history. Sure enough, it is close to the Music Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway, milepost 213. I stopped there to look at the various pictures and records of the mountain musicians from the 1920s on.

On Friday evening, I went to the Rex Theater, an old movie theater that was saved by turning it into a multi-purpose theater. Friday nights are music nights and people lined up quickly as soon as the box office opened at 5 P.M. Then we were allowed to save a seat and come back at 8 P.M. Wayne Henderson on the guitar and Jeff Little on the piano were featured. They are famous in mountain music circles – the fact that I hadn’t heard of them doesn’t mean anything.

I also walked in Cumberland Knob Park on the Parkway. Cumberland Knob, in North Carolina near the Virginia border, was the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway in 1935. So the Parkway is going to celebrate its 75th anniversary next year.

No pictures in this blog entry – sorry. I didn’t take my camera.


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