Outrage over Gov. Sanford’s Alibi

Kathadin A.T.

Are you as upset as I am over Gov. Sanford’s alibi for his affair? I really don’t care about his sex life; that’s between him and his close ones. I’m concerned that he used the Appalachian Trail, as an excuse.

When you go backpacking, you don’t just throw a few things in the back of the car. You buy food and fuel. You pack your backpack. You retrieve maps and guidebooks. No matter how experienced you are, you spend time and effort planning the trip. And oh yes, you do write down where you’re going.

Before the whole story came out, the newspapers said that he had been on the trail but never really analysed the situation. The A.T. is a linear trail; how did he get back to his car? I thought the whole thing was farfetched.

So why am I so upset? Because many people who don’t hike think that going into the woods is a very suspicious thing to do in the first place. They don’t understand why I’d want to walk, sweat and sleep on the ground. Now they might have another excuse to snicker.

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