Art Loeb Trail – 40th anniversary

Last Sunday, the Carolina Mountain Club led a hike to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Art Loeb Trail (ALT). Art Loeb was a business leader in Brevard and an active member of the Carolina Mountain Club. He died in 1968 and the trail was dedicated the next year.

Art Loeb plaque - 20090610This 30.1 mile trail is the spine of the Pisgah District of Pisgah National Forest. It starts at the Davidson River and heads north to cross Pilot Mountain and then the Blue Ridge Parkway. The most spectacular part climbs up Black Balsam Knob, then Tennent, and enters the Shining Rock Wilderness. It continues past Grassy Cove to Shining Rock Gap, misses Shining Rock and goes to Deep Gap below Cold Mountain and down to the Daniel Boone Boy Scout Camp.

The plaque shown above is a new, more modest plaque what was put up last year when the original was vandalized.

View from Shining Rock - 20090610


We certainly didn’t do the whole ALT in one day. Rather, we did a Shining Rock loop. To reach Shining Rock, we left the ALT at Shining Rock Gap and took Shining Rock Trail. The top with the “Shining Rocks” is being filled in by bushes. Soon you won’t be able to see any shining rocks.



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