ATC Conference – Friday

After two exhausting days in New York City, we headed to Castleton, Vermont for the ATC Conference. If you’ve been following this blog, you know that this is the purpose of this trip.

Castleton is a small town west of Rutland. I don’t know much else about it yet since I headed directly for the campus. Castleton State College is the oldest college in the Vermont State system, though the college started as a grammar school, so I don’t know if that counts. I registered, got my meal tickets, red volunteer t-shirt and headed for the dorms.

The dorm rooms are cosy and bare. We knew we had to bring our linen or rent it but I didn’t realize we had to bring a garbage can and hangers. I never lived in a dorm since I went to Brooklyn College and lived with my parents but I’ve stayed in them enough to know the drill.

The Green Mountain Club, (GMC) the host club, will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next year. It maintains the 270-mile Long Trail which includes 105 miles of the A.T. in Vermont. In the evening program, a speaker told the history of the Long Trail. The most fascinating to me was a proposal during FDR’s New Deal to build a Green Mountain Parkway from peak to peak on what was already the Long Trail. It was supposed to be like the Blue Ridge Parkway. GMC fought it and so did the people of Vermont and it never happened.

Tomorrow I’ll have some photos. Please come back!


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