ATC Conference – Sunday


I went on a photography field trip for a small group of people who attended the workshop yesterday. We drove to a private field and woods with a small waterfall and shot everything in sight and on the way.

This was a good workshop since the leader reviewed all the manual settings I had ignored since I bought a digital camera – Aperture and Shutter speed preferred, allowing extra light, and changing the ISO speed. Most of the time, you don’t need this but it’s very handy when you do.

I also became fascinated by checking the light histogram of my picture.


The photo above is of a typical Vermont grassy field, just before we entered the woods.


By Western North Carolina standards, this is a small and insignificant waterfall but it allowed us to practice our various camera settings.

The ATC Conference can be very intense. Many people live and breathe the A.T. as if there’s no other trail worth hiking.

Tonight, we’ll hear Cindy Ross on her Pacific Crest Trail journey. This is the only event which charged an entrance fee. I’m curious to see if it’s worth it.

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