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I’m not the only one doing interesting things at this ATC Conference. So I asked Lenny to be a guest blogger and talk about the workshop he co-led.

Lenny at ATC workshopHawk Metheny (on the right) and I gave a workshop at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) Biennial Meeting titled: Climate Change and the A.T.

It was a tag-team approach. Hawk, who is an educator for Al Gore’s Climate Project, started with a brief description of how human activities affect the climate system and some of the potential global impacts.

I followed with a summary of two different climate model estimates of the amount of climate change that might occur over the A.T. in the next 50 years. Hawk then came back with a discussion of the climate change resolution that ATC Board of Directors passed in Nov. 2008. He and I had been the authors of the resolution. I finished with a description of the activities that ATC has undertaken to implement the resolution.

The discussion after our presentations surprised me. The issue people were most interested in was public transportation to the A.T.

Could ATC do a better job of telling members what was available? The issue has been on my ATC “to do” list, but not with a high priority. It now has high priority. I am a member of the ATC Stewardship Council’s Climate Change and Energy Subcommittee, and have been focused on creating a climate change webpage for ATC.

(See Once this task is done, in a few months, I’ll see whether we can added more comprehensive information about public transportation to the website. If that’s what the members want, that’s what we should supply.

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