ATC Conference – Monday/Tuesday

VT hike Littlepeople

The ATC Conference biennual business meeting was on Monday morning. And to make sure that everyone attended, nothing else was scheduled. This was the time to give the financial report, nominate new members to the ATC board and give out service awards for ATC staff members.

Carolina Mountain Club was recognized for being a club for 85 years (in 2008). In addition, Larry Luxemberg became an honorary member for creating the A.T. Museum.

In the afternoon, I gave my workshop on Writing a Guidebook – It’s more than hiking. The workhop, similar to the article I wrote for the Mountain Xpress was very well attended and there was lots of discussion. Several folks were perturbed about how little money one makes writing books.

Tuesday – Finally a hiking day. Lenny and I hiked with a group who went from USFS 10 to VT 140 on the A.T. south of Rutland. It was only 8.9 miles, but these were New England trail miles. Rocks, rocks and more rocks. The group was not very speedy on top of it and the leader really kept the group together.

VT hike Little Rock Pond Highlights included Little Rock Pond where we met a group of children swimming. We had all walked in two miles and I imagine that it was going to be difficult to pull them away to hike some more.

VT hike logging campWe had lunch at an old logging camp and village. There were rocks and rusted metal artifacts still left and displayed.

Toward the top of White Rocks Mountain, we found a whole village of little people – rocks piled up in various designs as pictured above. On our way down, it started raining seriously. Lenny and I said goodbye to the group and stepped on it back to our car. That was our last day of the conference.




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