Boogerman Trail in the Rain

Elk by the ranger station

It was raining hard when I started out for Cataloochee yet again. I scheduled a hike for the Elk Bugle Corp people. Actually, only two women signed up and I wondered if they would show up in this weather.

I got there early to photograph flowers but found elk in the fenced-in area next to the ranger station. Four bulls were grazing happily. When it rains, the hikers aren’t happy but the elk and photographers are.

But Teresa and Barbara did show up and we started on the BoogerEBC Boogerman crossing the bridgeman Trail, a classic Cataloochee loop. It’s the trail that visitors ask about the most; EBC volunteers should know about. It’s an easy loop but some of the bridges are challenging in the rain.

I like to do the long part of Caldwell Fork Trail first, getting the 10 bridges out of the way. Then we can climb on Boogerman Trail and see the root cellar, walls and the hollowed out tuliptree.

EBC Boogerman - me by the wall It’s familiar, yet so new each time. But after we got on Boogerman’s property (Robert Palmer), we could not find the signature wheel.

I couldn’t find it last time I did it, a couple of years ago but I thought I had missed it but this time I alerted the other two hikers to look for it but we couldn’t find it.

Does anyone know what happened to this wheel on the Boogerman Trail?



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