Elk Bugle Corp – a very unhappy elk

Bull Elk near Caldwell House

This is one unhappy bull elk.

To put it delicately, he is also one very lonely elk.

I walked to the Caldwell House, crossed the bridge to the house and there he was – in the field beside the house. He was bugling away and drawing a crowd of visitors.

One man with a camera lens as long as his arm ran almost toward the elk. The elk then crossed the stream – no, he didn’t use the bridge and walked down the road. I had to tell this fellow to back off. I got everyone behind their cars as the elk strutted by and into the field on the barn side.

It was a wonderful site for the visitors and me but unfortunately, the elk was still without female elk company. He kept bugling as he walked back into the woods. Only then did I feel comfortable leaving the area.

While at the Caldwell House before the elk excitement, I met two couples from Knoxville. It was a brother and sister in their seventies and their respective spouses. The brother and sister were dam kids. Their father worked for TVA and went from dam to dam. His first was Norris Dam and eventually, got to Fontana Dam. They spent much of their elementary school years at Fontana Village. I assured them that the cottages now had probably not been renovated since they lived there during WWII.

Bat at Woody HouseI did my usual tour of the Woody House and campsite 40. Upstairs at the Woody House, there were bats hanging from the ceiling.

This was the first time I noticed them. There’s always something new.




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