Elk Bugle Corps – The bulls are slowing down

EBC - Teenage elk


The elk are slowing down but not the visitors.

The big bulls are no longer the dominant feature in the Cataloochee Valley, so the younger elk feel more secure about roaming around.

On Tuesday, the one-way road going to the Caldwell House and to the end of the valley was jammed and all the volunteers were doing traffic control.

EBC - backpackersI came back from my usual walk to the Woody House and I walked with heaps of folks.

These guys to the left were taking an awful long time getting ready for their backpack. Stuff was coming out of their car, out of their backpacks, back into their backpacks but they were so happy to be in the park. Finally, they got started.


EBC - Tish and FranTish and Fran, fellow hikers, visited the Valley. Fran, from Rhode Island, got a good taste of the Smokies.

But this was all fun until we tried to get back. Huge monster trucks created a major traffic jam. These visitors just don’t realize that they’re on a primitive one-way road.

According to the ranger in Cataloochee, there would be physical altercations between drivers if the Bugle Corps was not there.

Finally, I was able to get out and parked at the Chapel. I stopped everyone coming in and suggested that they park before the bridge and walk to the elk. They will have a better time. I don’t know how many took my suggestion and how many just turned around.

I am late posting this EBC story because I went on a Smokies backpack on Wednesday for several days. When I came back, I found out that Tom Mangan had given my blog high praisElk67 Copulatinge.

I am honored, but also amused. His link to my blog was of the bull and cow . I knew that sex gets attention.


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