Dupont – Bridal Veil Falls Loop

Dupont SF - Club House

I checked out the Bridal Veil Falls Loop today in Dupont State Forest.

The loop (Pg. 93 in Hiking the Carolina Mountains) has several highlights:

Bridal Veil Falls - 091103

Bridal Veil Falls, of course,





Lake Julia -Dupont 091103

Lake Julia, a large artificial lake which was used by Camp Summit in the 1960s to 1980s,





Fern Lake - Dupont 091103and Fern Lake, a small lake for swimming and even boating.

But my main question was: “Are the houses built by the developer Anthony still around?”

I had talked to a ranger when I was writing Hiking the Carolina Mountains and he said that one of the houses close to Lake Julia would be taken down and the other would serve as a classroom.

However, nothing has changed and the clubhouse, shown above, was still there – half-built.

Western Piedmont Community College built a lot of amenities in the Forest, including a new dock at Fern Lake but the students didn’t rebuilt the houses. Too bad.

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