Give a Child a Goat for Christmas

Hannah, the goat

Goat 609, better known as Hannah, spent the summer on Grassy Ridge; that’s on the A.T. on Roan Mountain.

I adopted her and named her Hannah after my oldest granddaughter. Goat Hannah and her 44 other colleagues browsed about 10 acres to keep down the vegetation up on Roan Mountain.

This project is supported by Friends of Roan Mountain and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. For $50, I got to adopt her for the summer, name her and get some updates on the project.

Jamey Donaldson, the project leader, sent me a large picture of Hannah, the goat and a lock of wool. I sent both to Hannah, my granddaughter and she was thrilled. Next summer, I hope to take her up to Roan Mountain and introduce her to her goat. Then together, we’ll pick out another goat for her baby sister.

What are you going to give the child in your life? Another plastic toy? Give your child a goat for the holidays.

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