Putting my A.T. Section to Bed for the Winter

A.T. section - nameless waterfallToday we went to work on our A.T. section for the last time this year. We have a section from Rice Gap to Devils Fork Gap on the border of North Carolina and Tennessee.

A.T. Lenny cleaning water barsWe need to clean waterbars, clear debris and clip anything that might cause an obstruction for hikers. And of course, pick up trash – always pick up trash.

Lenny carries a shovel to clear waterbars (on the left), a saw and lopers. I carry clippers and several garbage bags.

Since it’s hunting season, we had our orange hats and vests.

But there was another complication. A couple of weeks ago, I got an email that the Cherokee National Forest folks were going to burn the two clearings on our section. As you may recall, I went out with Julie Judkins of A.T.C. and Joe McGinnis of the Cherokee National Forest in September to look at the clearings. At that time, Joe said that the two clearings that I was complaining about were going to be burned to keep them open for wildlife.

A.T. section - clear cut 1So I was prepared to see at least two burned areas crossing the trail. What a pleasant surprise to find that they had just cleared the sides of the trail to keep them clear.

It’s kind of ironic – for several years, I’ve been complaining about clearing. But once they threatened to burn, I was grateful that they just cleared it again.


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