KItsuma Peak – Leading the Hike

Kitsuma Peak - Blowdown cut 091205

And so I led the hike to Kitsuma Peak. The snow had left the area yesterday, though several hikers cancelled out, afraid of the weather. But by the time, we met at the McDonald on I-40, exit 73, it was dry and cold. We had 11 people – six CMC folks, and five from the Carolina Berg Wanderers.

On my scout, I had found a huge blowdown toward the beginning of the hike and called the Grandfather District of Pisgah National Forest. I asked them to cut that tree and they did. See above. Thank you U.S. Forest Service.

Kitsuma Peak - new Blowdown 091205We had lunch on top of Kitsuma Peak – no wind. The railroad history fascinated some and others just walked on the road without noticing the railroad line and the many tunnels. But we all noticed the new blowdown on Point Lookout Trail. 

I’m not going to bother to call the Forest Service on that one. The bikers will be more affected and get to them.

After the hike, we all drove to Andrews Geyser. It was spewing out water just fine. It’s an artificial geyser; Western North Carolina doesn’t have natural geysers.

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