Just Passin’ Thru – a good read

Just Passin' Thru book cover

A cold and rainy day yesterday – and I wasn’t going to go on the Sunday hike, so I finished a great book.

Just Passin’ Thru by Winton Porter (Menasha Press).


Since 2001, Winton has owned Mountain Crossings, a combination hostel and outfitter shop on the Appalachian Trail at the bottom of Blood Mountain in North Georgia.

For every thru-hiker who makes it as far as Mountain Crossings, there’s a story. But many stories are not about thru-hikers or even real hikers – they’re also of employees, hangers-on or just tourists. The stories are inspirational, off the wall and down right funny. Winton’s book has become a favorite of many Appalachian Trail enthusiasts.

In 1997, I “passed thru” his building on the Appalachian Trail before Winton owned it. I remember the relief I felt in seeing his place after three days of backpacking from Amicalola State Park in Georgia. No, I wasn’t overloaded and didn’t ship anything home but it was a great place to stay.

Winton’s book is a good read.

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