Catawba Falls, Now Fully Accessible


Catawba Falls - Upper Falls - 091128This past October, President Obama signed an Interior Department appropriations
bill into law that includes funding to buy the land near Catawba Falls from the
Foothills Conservancy for

That means that the access to the Falls will now be permanently
protected and part of the Grandfather Mountain section of Pisgah National

In 2007, Foothills Conservancy moved quickly to buy a 23 acre piece which
provided the only direct trail to the Falls. This allowed hikers legal access to the falls. Carolina Mountain Club started leading
hikes there. Thank you Foothills Conservancy.

This picture is of the Upper Falls, which at this time does not have an
official trail. But now that whole area is part of the forest, the Forest
Service may just put in an easier trail to the upper falls.

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