Adventures at Disneyworld

Splash MountainI’ve just spent three days in Disneyworld. The Magic Kingdom, Epcot… It’s of course all fake or as I tell my six-year old granddaughter – pretend. And that’s fine when the rides are obviously fantasy like “It’s a small world” or “Peter Pan”.

But many rides pump up the thrill and pretend to be active – like Splash Mountain above. Visitors are not rafting – they’re just sitting there and screaming. I wonder if they feel like they’ve had a rafting experience. Would that encourage them to do the real thing or do they just like the safety net of Disneyworld?

Birds of DisneyworldIn all that fakery, real birds manage to get in. I spotted an egret and ibis on top of a Frontierland building. No one else even looked at these birds.

Maybe I’m just being a grinch. Happy Holidays, everyone.

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