Valentine’s Day on the Trail

North Slope Trail - crampons

How do we celebrate Valentine’s Day? On  the trail, of course.

Lenny and I went on a Carolina Mountain Club hike in Pisgah National Forest. Ten strong hikers showed up. It was a snow hike all the way.

We started on the North Slope Trail past the Davidson Campground. The trail climbed and it was a good thing too. I was freezing and it took me almost an hour to feel my hands. Others had used the trail before and we walked in a trench all the way up.

North Slope Trail - BlowdownWe took the North Slope Connector for a short while which connected us to the Art Loeb Trail. That’s where we encountered blowdowns which really slowed us down.

Several of us had YakTraxs or crampons of various types. We showed off all of them in a can-can pose at lunch time (above). My YakTraxs behaved this week and stayed on the whole time but Lenny’s broke and are now in the trash.

The Art Loeb Trail took us down to our cars. On the way, we saw the clearing from the Ecusta Plant, the paper manufacturer that Art Loeb managed in the 1950s and 1960s. Now it’s being cleaned up and will  be developed as a mixed use site with shops and homes. I guess cigarette and bible paper, which is what Ecusta made, are no longer a going proposition.

North Slope Trail - Valentine's Day chocolate barA few days ago, National Parks Traveler, a great authoritative website on National Parks, asked: what will you do for Valentine’s Day?

I said – hike with my sweetheart and share a bar of fancy chocolate. So here we are.


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