Foothills Trail Hike

Foothills Trail - view to Jocassee Lake

Finally some warm weather.

I went on the Carolina Mountain Club Sunday hike on the Foothills Trail. This 77-mile trail follows the Blue Ridge Escarpment on the North Carolina-South Carolina line.

This nine-mile hike started with views of Lake Jocassee and Bad Creek Reservoir. The picture above is of Lake Jocassee, considered a lovely view now. I wonder what arguments and protests there were, if any, when the lake was created. Lake Jocassee was created by Duke Power, They dammed the tributaries of the Keowee River in the early 1970s.

The trail was slushy and icy in places. I didn’t want to stop to put on my yak-traks, boot stabilizers that keep you from sliding. Silly, I know, but the trail was narrow and everyone was moving, so I kept moving as well.

Foothills Trail - boundary sign We crossed into South Carolina and ended up at the Walhalla Fish Hatchery – the start of the trail to Ellicott Rock.

Whitewater Falls - 2010 March


After we got back to our cars, we drove to Whitewater Falls, considered the highest falls in North Carolina. It’s a paved half-mile to the lookout to the falls.

For a good read on what life was like in the 1950s before the lake flooded out many communities, read Ron Rash’s One Foot in Eden. Yes the same Ron Rash whose book Serena may be made into a movie. I wrote about that in my last posting.


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