Checking Mileage at Stone Mountain State Park

Stone MountainAnother trip to Stone Mountain State Park to check out a mileage.

I received an email several months ago from a careful reader and hiker who said that my driving distance in Stone Mountain State Park was incorrect. I paid attention since his message was carefully written. I told him that I would check it out.

Stonemttrailsign-10/03/25Now that my book Hiking North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Heritage will be reprinted soon, I went back to Stone Mountain and checked it out. He was right.

I had measured the mileage from the park entrance to the turn for the trailhead but I said that the mileage was from the Visitor Center. So thank you!

After that, I drove to Blackwater in the Piedmonts to meet Sharon and start on a four-day walk on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail.MST5-Dobsonlibrarystart

Lots of adventures. Stay tuned.






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