Turned Over my Book

The turnoverYesterday I turned over my book Hiking North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Heritage to my publisher Milestone Press. Officially, they’re Milestone Press but really they’re Mary Ellen Hammond and Jim Parham. It’s a small operation with lots of skill and personal attention. But they don’t try to do it all; they hire expertise.

Turning over a guidebook to your publisher is not like turning over a novel. Besides the actual manuscript, i.e. the text, there are pictures, captions for the pictures and maps from my GPS. I wanted to make sure that  they had all the pieces. Also, I gave them input for their marketing effort.

So I put everything on a thumb drive, loaded everything on my laptop as well and drove two hours to their office in Almond, west of Bryson City. Handing over the manuscript was a cathartic experience.

But it’s not done. That’s why they call it a draft. After they edit, they’re going to have lots of questions. No matter how much I checked and rechecked,  Mary Ellen and Jim will find  inconsistencies and mistakes. I may have to rehike one or more hikes. That’s OK. That’s the best part.

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