On Yer Bike!

Athens Greenway

I’m visiting my son and family in Athens, OH. Beyond doing Grandmother-type stuff, I’ve decided that it would be a perfect place to get on a bike again after many years. The town, home of Ohio University, has a wonderful 18 mile bike path. It’s flat, paved and scenic.

I went to Athens Bike Shop and got outfitted by Pete, the owner. They rent mountain bikes but Pete changed the tires to street tires. A helmet, a few directions and out the door.

I wobbled and weaved through their busy parking lot. Not a good idea. Then I walked the bike a couple of blocks to the HockHocking Adena bike path.

It’s true – “It’s like riding a bike”. The mechanics of riding came back to me after only a few minutes. But I held on to the handle bars so tightly that my hands went to sleep. Soon, I was at the edge of the OU campus and out of the business district. This greenway is so manicured that it has mileage posts and at least one bathroom and water stop.

I did 10 miles – not bad for the first day. After a while, I even enjoyed myself and got to look around a little, beyond the pavement in front of me. A little later, I was able to let go of one handlebar to scratch my nose.

But we all know that biking the road on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail will be more challenging. There’ll be cars and trucks on the NC bike trails. I’ll have to deal with real ups and downs. So tomorrow, I’m going to try the streets of Athens.

I didn’t feel like I used any energy while I was biking but a couple of hours later I could feel my thighs and knees. My thighs are huge and really muscular – what are they complaining about.

I know, I know… different muscles. 

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