Deaths by Waterfall

Rainbow Falls - Horsepasture


On Monday, a woman was killed when she slipped in the water at the bottom of Rainbow Falls.

Rainbow Falls is one of several waterfalls on a wonderful hike along Horsepasture River. You enter through Gorges State Park, North Carolina’s westernmost state park on NC 281 and walk to several waterfalls. It’s a safe and easy hike.

It only becomes a problem when people do stupid things. Do people really not know that they shouldn’t climb above waterfalls or wade in swift water? Or is it that they crave adventure and a couple of miles of hiking is not going to satisfy that craving? If so, there are thousands of miles of trails in Western North Carolina. People can challenge themselves by hiking long and steep trails.


Whitewater Falls - 2010 MarchRecently a man and woman were seriously injured when they climbed Whitewater Falls, the highest waterfall in North Carolina.

Again, this couple walked down less than two miles when they could have walked miles in Nantahala National Forest.

What do you think? How can we encourage folks to get more thrills without doing foolish things?



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