Great Smoky Mountains Association Retreat


Just came back from the Great Smoky Mountains Association retreat.

I’m on the board and we spent yesterday and today talking about the many ways the Association helps the Smokies.

The Association published lots of educational material about the park, including Hiking Trails of the Smokies, affectionately known as the “Brown Book”. They also run the bookstores at the visitor centers and sell a lot more than the books and maps they produce. They sell clothing and other books, including my two books. Thank you! A portion of all sales goes to the Park for various projects.

Publishing and selling are their core activities but they funded the new Oconaluftee Visitor Center that is now being built. They also funded the new Clingmans Dome visitor center, which will open any day now.

I never know whether to say “they” or “we”; “we” probably since I’m part of the Association. And you can also become a member.

I missed going to Oconaluftee Visitor Center for two Mondays, now, but I’ll be back next week.



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