Family Summits – Icy hike

Ellis View - break

The counselors at Family Summits are angels and have the patience of saints. The children were going to King’s Beach Park to play in the water. So Hannah put on her one piece bathing suit. I was sure that she was going to have to get undressed and dressed several times when she had to go to the bathroom, but the counselors were OK with that.

I went to Ellis Peak, a  simple hike (6 miles) made difficult by snow that obliterated the trail. From the start, we had to search out the trail.Ellis Peak on top Like Hansel and Gretel, we left cairns and sticks on the trail so we could find it again.

Everyone had an opinion of where the trail was but I was uncomfortable with that. Tina on ice Leading a hike is not a democratic process – that’s why we have leaders. That’s Tina, one of our leaders, on the left, surrounded by snow.

We reached an amazing view in the morning (see the top photo). We had lunch on Ellis Peak, where we could see Lake Tahoe on one side and Ellis Lake on the other. This is western hiking at its best.

Mole houseMoles had created tunnels 0n the few stretches of trail not covered with snow. They were large dirt tunnels that looked like big turds. Going back was not as difficult though we still had problems finding the route. I was very cautious going downhill on snow and slid on my bottom much of the time. We reached the van at 3 P.M.


Hannah's mouse houseHannah spend some of the afternoon building a mouse house on the trail built by Family Summits on Granlibakken property. After dinner, we went to see it and she wanted to put the finishing touches on it. It was a bunch of sticks, leaves and fungus decorating a large tree stump. This way, mice could be protected from snakes.

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