Alaska – Anchorage

Alaska1-captaincook3boatsFinally Alaska!

I’m in Anchorage Alaska very jetlagged. We got in last night after a long, long set of flights. It took us much longer to get to Anchorage from Asheville, North Carolina than to go to Europe.

Greenville-Spartanburg, SC to Dallas

Dallas to Anchorage. Seven hour flight.

This morning, I woke up before 4 A.M. We walked through neighborhoods in Anchorage that seemed so new, so fresh, so bright that I felt I was in Christchurch, New Zealand. I better remember that I am in the U.S. especially when I’m supposed to be tipping. (There’s no tipping in New Zealand.)

We went to the Saturday market, full of food stalls, stuffed toys, jewelry and art. I bought a bottle of birch syrup, similar to maple syrup, but not as sweet.

Alaska1-EskimoyoyoThe Polynesian theme continued with a man using a “eskimo yoyo”. It consisted of two pieces of stuffed toy, each attached to a string. You have to keep each  toy twirling. This is similar to a Maori poi.

In another booth, a woman was playing a ukelele, the Hawaiin musical instrument.Alaska1-playingtheuke

This is Captain Cook country. Captain James Cook, (1728-1779). the famous sailor who sailed to Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Alaska. He sailed right into what is now Cook Inlet.

A National Park Service ranger did a history walk of Cook places in downtown Anchorage. She took us to see sculptures of the three ships he captained, pictures above.

Alaska1-rangerandCaptaincookThe end was at the Cook Memorial, where she described how he met a sad end in Hawaii.

After dinner, we walked on the coastal path. The long days, the sun lowering into the inlet, the filtered light defines Alaska.  




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