Rough Creek and Lines


Is the average person taking global warming seriously?

Yesterday I went on a Carolina Mountain Club hike to Rough Creek. The meeting point was the Home Depot on the west side of town. So on the way, I stopped to get some coffee.

I parked, got out and walked into the fast food joint. You can see my car at the far end to the left.

I was served right away. In the meantime, the drive-thru line was getting longer and longer. Everyone had their engines on, waiting to give their breakfast order and then waiting to get their fast food.

Why didn’t they park and get out? Is it all about the physical effort of getting out of their car and walking a few steps? People talk about organic cotton, recycling and growing their own food but they can’t bother to turn off their engine and get out of their car.

Rough Creek - 09/02/2010

Rough Creek Watershed is Canton’s old watershed. Instead of selling the land to developers, they kept it and put in under conservation easement. The property has about 10 miles of biking and hiking trails.It is being protected by the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy.

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