MST Falls Lake – Day 3

Starting with 124.4 miles, 17,850 ft. ascent

NC 50 to Six Forks Rd., Wake County

MST Falls Lake - Kate, Sharon and DannyToday, Dan, Kate’s husband joined us for a 14.5 mile hike.

It was a beautiful Saturday and we saw many families taking short walks. The men and boys in the family wore sneakers. Most of the mothers also had on sneakers but many girls were in flip-flops and crocks. These shoes are not only dangerous on a trail but they prevent girls from running and jumping. They are worse than the dresses of a couple of generations back. Why are parents hampering their daughters like that?

MST Falls Lake - Long StaircaseThe first thing I noted about this section is the lack of garbage. And if I seem to be fixated on trash, it’s because the first two days, we saw plenty of it.

We were in Wake County, in and out of the state park and NC Gamelands. There was no concern about getting lost today since much of the trail is over 10 years old, well-marked and patted down by many feet. The trail crew had built several impressive bridges and staircases.

MST Falls Lake - Lshaped bridgeThis was an upscale section of Raleigh and we passed several houses just off the trail, many with mean-sounding dogs. We also heard a lot of gun shots in the Wildlife Management areas and hoped that it was target practice – probably not. The deer hunting season is over but small game can be hunted most of the year.

MST Falls lake - Norwood CemeteryThere were almost no artifacts on this section. No houses, cabins or barns. But we did pass the Norwood Cemetery with three headstones.

We went through several coves of holly trees and mountain laurels but no rhododendrons – we were not in the mountains. The surprising tree was the American Beech – I had always assumed that it was a high altitude tree but here we didn’t go over 300 ft.

Cumulative after Day 10 – 138.9 miles, 19,250 ft. ascent



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