Seaquarium – Is is real?

Seaquarium - Sealions and HannahWhen you take children to a zoo or an amusement park, are you spoiling them for the real thing? Will they be interested in the wild? What happens when they then go to a park?

Seauquarium - Dolphin showA couple of days ago, we took our grandchildren (and children) to the Miami Seaquarium.

We saw manatees, dolphins and the killer whale, really a dolphin. We were close to alligators and turtles, though they were protected by fences and walls.

Dolphins jumped up for fish and sealions did tricks for fishy goodies.

But what happens when you go to a park?Seaquarium manatees Will the thrill be gone?

In a park, you have to walk, look for birds and animals and identify them. It’s work compared to watching a dolphin show or have your picture taken with a seal.

Above the picture shows manatees just laying there. All their needs are taken care of. In the wild, they have to work for their food and we have to work to find them.

What do you think?

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