Finally, an RSS feed

A fellow hiker from Texas finally prodded me to install an RSS feed to my blog. He was following my blog and asked why I didn’t have one.

Now, you can sign up to be alerted each time my blog page changes. No more trying to remember to check out my blog.

If you look at the top right corner of the screen on the blog page, This Hiking Life Blog, you’ll see two symbols.

Subscribe Via Email

The second one, Subscribe via Email, is the simplest. Click on that and follow the prompts. The system will ask you for your email address. You need to finish the whole process – don’t just walk away after entering your address.

Then you’ll get an email message asking you to confirm. After you confirm, you’ll get notified each time my blog page changes. You’ll get the gist of the blog post via email but no pictures. To get the full effect, you need to actually go to the blog.

But what if you want to follow several blogs? Getting an email for each is tiresome. This is where RSS comes in.

Subscribe via RSS

Click on RSS and you’ll find several RSS readers. Choose one and set up an account. I chose the Google reader. Then it will let you choose the blogs you want to follow.

Each chosen blog will be listed. You can click on them to see its content without going to each individual blog.

The advantage to an RSS feed is that you don’t get emails for each blog change. The disadvantage is that you still have to remember to check your Google reader site.

Either way you choose, it’s better than trying to remember to look up my blog every once in a while.



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