Dupont State Forest in Snow

Dupont - Lake Dense in Snow 2011/01/16

Dupont State Forest in snow was a wonderland yesterday.

The Carolina Mountain Club hike was scheduled to go to Jones Gap State Park in South Carolina but the park was officially closed. So our wise leader took us on a short hike to Dupont.

Dupont future Visitor CenterWe walked in the snow for about three and a half hours – not much for an all-day hike. But hiking in the snow is arduous. We tried to walk in each other’s footsteps so as not to posthole each time.

Dupont High Falls in Snow - 2011/01/16High Falls, pictured left, was magical in the snow.

The future visitor center, above, seems ready to go, though it wasn’t open.

So was Lake Dense, a small lake that’s out of the way. The patterns in the ice were a mystery.Dupont - Patterns on Lake Dense 2011/01/16


What caused these patterns?

Any idea?

The weather forecast is predicting another snow “event” this coming week. I’m glad we got out.




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