Paris Mountain State Park – South Carolina

Paris Mtn - North lake

It’s warmer in upstate South Carolina. And though they had a great deal of snow this past storm, most of it has disappeared by now. The Carolina Mountain Club‘s Wednesday hike went down to Paris Mountain State Park.

Several streams were dammed to create Greenville’s water supply in the late 19th Century. Our destination was North Lake, shown above. Like all South Carolina State Parks, the trails are well-maintained and well-signposted. The walking is pleasant, if not exciting but just being outside under a perfectly blue sky was wonderful.

Paris Mtn - at the turretComing back, we passed Mountain Lake, another dammed lake – see below.Paris Mtn - Mountain Lake

This lake had a turret, really a building to control the water flow. We took our group picture there, courtesy of two guys who had walked to the dam and were just hanging out.

The picture to the left is of Mountain Lake, a long lake still full of mushy ice.

The Park dates back from the Civilian Conservation Corps days. The bathhouse, now its visitor center, was built by the CCC of stone and timber.

In the summer, Paris Mountain is very hot; it’s only at 1,000 ft. altitude but now it’s a great hiking spot.


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