First maintenance trip of the year on the A.T.

AT maintenance Lenny - 2/2011

Sunday Lenny and I went out to do our first maintenance walkthru on out section of the Appalachian Trail. We maintain a section from Devils Fork Gap to Rice Gap – 4.9 miles.

The day started out sunny and warm but it soon started raining. We kept discussing if we should turn back or continue. As soon as we agreed that we should turn back, the sun came out. After a while, it didn’t matter. We were soaked.

Several trees had come down over the winter and several more were still there from our fall walk thru. After the fifth tree, I stopped taking notes. The Carolina Mountain Club trail crew is probably going to have to walk our whole section to deal with all the trees.

We don’t have a chain saw and the crew takes care of removing large trees.

AT maintenance - Graves 2/2011This area, like all hiking sections in the East, was settled. There’s even a two-grave cemetery right on the trail. The section also has a lot of barbed wire, from its grazing days. Most of the barbed wire is still up on posts.

But I walked into some low to the ground, which was hidden by leaves. I got scratched right through my heavy Thorlo socks. Scratched but not bleeding. Should I get a tetanus shot or not?

I went to the doctor first thing on Monday morning. Even though I had had a tetanus shot six years ago, I got another one yesterday. I really couldn’t argue  with the PA.

This barbed wire was rusty and the remains of a large pasture. In addition, the medical advice is to get a three-in-one – tetanus, diphteria and pertussis, if you’re a “senior”. So I did. A trail maintenance day that ended with a shot in the arm.



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