Land for Tomorrow Action Alert


Land for Tomorrow has sent out this action alert.

Urge NC legislators to maintain current funding levels for the conservation trust funds.  
The state’s four conservation trust funds are at serious risk in current budget discussions at the General Assembly. These trust funds (Clean Water Management, NC Natural Heritage Trust Fund, Parks and Recreation and Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation) have preserved hundreds of thousands of acres of family farms, forests, stream banks, game lands, parks, greenways and scenic vistas.

If these trust funds seem very theoretical to you, note that these cuts include the NC Parks that administer our beloved state parks.

State conservation funding has already been reduced by almost 50 percent.

Key legislators are considering zeroing out funding for the Clean Water Management Trust Fund (CWMTF) and the Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund (ADFPTF). Now is not the time for further reductions. We need to keep the conservation momentum going. Please contact your legislators today and urge them to maintain current funding levels for CWMTF and ADFPTF. 

You can go to their action page and fill in their form. But a well-written letter in the mail is taken much more seriously.

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