Messing up our beaches

Terminal groins on beaches

I’m moving ever eastward on my Mountains-to-Sea Trail hike and I’m now finely attuned to beach and coastal concerns.

Here’s a new expression – at least for me. Terminal groins. It sounds positively painful or gross but it’s not.

Terminal groins are structures that are perpendicular to the beach. They’re designed to slow the rapid fluctuations of inlet shorelines.

North Carolina Conservation Network explains the issue.

Last week, after only 15 minutes of debate, the state Senate approved a bill that would allow hardened structures on our coastline. This is not good for our beaches and it will cost the North Carolina taxpayer a pretty penny.

A decades old ban on hardened structures on our coast has enabled North Carolina’s beaches to remain healthy and natural. Weakening this ban commits taxpayers to a never-ending and escalating fight against the sea.

While hardened structures may capture sand directly in front of beach mansions, they also accelerate erosion further down the beach. Once one is in place, a domino effect will likely occur as our coastline is gobbled away by these structures.

The North Carolina legislature is considering spending this money as it proposes that our state parks close two days a week. Does that make sense?

In our current budget crisis, when our legislators are considering deep cuts across the board, how do legislators explain to their constituents that they are extending a multi-million dollar bailout to wealthy beachfront homeowners?

See this discussion from Democracy North Carolina.

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