Mountains-to-Sea Trail – Jim Hunt Country


Starting with 701.1 miles, 92,100 ft. ascent

Pit Stop General Store to Shirley Rd.

15.8 miles, 300 ft. ascent

Today our Mountains-to-Sea Trek takes us into Wilson, North Carolina, or as close to Wilson that we’re going to get.


The MST starts rural with bigger farms and fewer rundown houses than the previous days. Cotton, vegetables and other crops about to be planted are in the fields.

Family cemeteries abound; some in the middle of a field under a solid oak tree, others right on the road.

Houses all show off their camellia bushes – a southern standard with big red flowers. As we turn on Lamm Rd., it turns to suburban Wilson.

Wilson is the home of Jim Hunt, former governor of North Carolina. He was governor from 1977 to 1985 and came back again from 1993 to 2001. He  made education a big priority. The high school is named after him and so is part of an interstate around here.

MST22D-house and pondLamm Road passes through Wilson Corporate Park, LiveDo USA, an adult diaper company and the James Baxter Hunt Jr. high school.

We also pass by a large pond and a mansion whose windows are boarded up.

We had parked our car on the side of the road and reached it at 2:30 P.M. For some reason, we’re not having any luck finding a place to leave a car overnight so we’re moving both cars in the morning.

With all that extra time, I drove to downtown Wilson. It’s a sad few blocks that had its heyday. Bail bonding stores, a couple of gift stores, men’s flashy clothing shops and many empty storefronts.

MST22D-wilsondowntownDowntown also has the Wilson County Courthouse and a huge post office.

I drive back on Nash St. with lovely old houses, some well-kept, others not so much. But the shopping centers are thriving with all the box stores we know.

Cumulative after Day 59, 716.9 miles, 92,400 ft. ascent

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