Mountains-to-Sea Trail – In Swamp Country

Starting with 733.0 miles, 92,750 ft.

Eureka to Jason in Swamp Country

16.1 miles, 400 ft. ascent

Shift change on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail!

Kate Dixon, who has been walking with me for several days, left the trail to get back to Raleigh. Lenny came last evening and we met in Kinston. He came with fresh clothes, fresh legs and most important fresh feet. Mine have been pounding the road for five days.

This stretch of the North Carolina coastal plains is full of large, prosperous looking farms.MST22G-dickensianhouse We pass a few sad single wide trailers, probably rentals, but most houses are large and solid.

Almost everyone is flying an American flag.

MST22G-canalsAs we’re getting closer to the coast, the land becomes quite swampy. They drained the swamps by building canals along the side of the road. A large swath of grassy land was left between the canal and the road, making it easy to walk.

I can really understand now how swampy land is reclaimed for building and farming. Cotton and winter grasses are visible but most fields were freshly plowed.

A muskrat swims across a small pond in front of a house. We can’t resist and walk over to watch it. Now we’re really on private property.

The owners’ dog is eyeing us but is not rushing over to us. In this stretch of the MST from Raleigh on, the dogs have been very well behaved. They may bark madly but they know their jurisdiction.

MST22G-EdmundsoncemeteryThe trail leaves Wayne County and enters Greene County. There are few churches but many family cemeteries.

The most impressive is the Edmundson cemetery with its large crosses. The oldest grave that I can read is from 1779. Now some Edmundsons are raising Butterball turkeys.

We eat at Chef and the Farmer in Kinston, the most famous restaurant in the area. The food is imaginative, good and local. The service is impeccable. This is the place to try if you’re in Kinston.

Cumulative after Day 60, 749.1 miles, 93,150 ft.

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