Mountains-to-Sea Trail – Through LaGrange

Starting with 749.1 miles, 93,150 ft.

Through LaGrangeMST22H-baldcypress

16.1 miles, 250 ft.

We always start our mornings with a bang. Today we did more than three miles the first hour. But as we take breaks, our average number of miles per hour decreases over the day. Even so, with a lot of breaks, we end up walking over 2.5 miles an hour. It’s going to be a shock to get back into the mountains.

We spend most of today’s walk going through LaGrange, population 2,844.

MST22H-LagrangeWe walk the full length of the main street.

Most of the street consists of small houses with large porches, circa 1900. Most are well-maintained. We keep looking for a coffee shop without any luck.

MST22H-chatterboxcafeSeveral old men are sitting in front of an electrical supply store.

If there was a coffee shop, they’d be sitting in the coffee shop, like the Chatterbox Cafe in A Prairie Home Companion.

I ask one fellow “Is there a place in town to get a cup of coffee?” He points to the Hess station, which also doubles as a Dunkin Donut shop. The coffee is pretty good and we sit on a stoop on the side of the gas station.

After we walk over US 70, we turn on Jenny Lind Rd., named after a 19th Century Swedish opera singer. But it might have been named after a local resident. Even with all the looking and discussing that we do, there’s so much that I don’t know about the area. Some I can look up but for much I need to talk to people. Very few people are outside.

MST22H-NeuseriverThe highlight is crossing the Neuse River – finally – and passing by a large swamp, complete with bald cypress. Now I really feel like I’m in the coastal plains. One of the trees on the boundary has a very small sign saying
Conservation easement boundary. North Carolina Coastal Land Trust 

Now why did the sign have to be so small? I would have shouted it from the treetops.

Cumulative after 61 days, 765.2 miles, 93,400 ft. ascent

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