Washington – Government still open

Washington1-Jefferson memorial

Well the government didn’t shut down.

And that’s a good thing too since Lenny and I planned to go to Washington this weekend for his big 70th birthday celebration. This is also the end of the Cherry Blossom festival.

Washington takes a lot of walking.Washington1-Washingtonmemorial

We parked our car for the duration of ourstay and are walking. Down to the mall way before anything opens up. It’s a quiet Sunday morning and we share the mall with joggers and dog walkers. The mall and much of tourist Washington is administered by the National Park Service. They are the keeper of our history so it would be fitting that they take care of these monuments and buildings. 

But not the Smithsonian museums. We went through the National Museum of American History. I would have renamed it the Museum of Popular Culture. The First Ladies dresses are a big hit and the exhibit is crowded. Michelle Obama’s inaugural ball dress was in the center of the room.

Even more crowded was Julia Child’s kitchen. They had redone her whole kitchen with all her utensils. Her knife collection was impressive. Of course, several video screens showed her old TV shows. 

Washington1 - Lenny asPresIn the President’s room, visitors can go up to the podium and pretend to give an inaugural speech.

They don’t expect you to give an original speech and they provide you with a teleprompter.

We walked to the Corcoran Gallery of Art. It’s a small place with modern and historic European and American art.

Washington1-me and cherry blossoms But we couldn’t miss the cherry blossoms and went down to the tidal pools at the Jefferson Memorial. It was packed with people taking pictures of the cherry blossoms and each other.

I only walked a few miles but my feet are dead.     

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