North Carolina Legislators Propose Slashing Conservation Budget

dupwinter.jpgWell, the vacation is over. Back to a sad reality of the state of conservation funding in North Carolina.

This below has been swirling all over the North Carolina Conservation Circles. I adapted this plea from Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy.

The budget writers in the North Carolina House of Representatives released their first recommendations yesterday afternoon. Under their plan, conservation funding – already slashed by 50 percent in recent years – would take another huge hit. The Clean Water Management Trust Fund was singled out for a cut of 80 percent.

These proposed, draconian cuts would have a long-term, disastrous impact on conservation and the essential support it provides to North Carolina’s economic health.
Please email your legislators TODAY and urge them to support restoring funding for conservation.
Numerous conservation projects in Western North Carolina — from public lands at Chimney Rock State Park and DuPont State Forest to natural areas such mountain bog sites and habitat for native plants and animals — have been made possible by these conservation trust funds.

Please use the link to Land for Tomorrow to quickly and easily communicate with your state legislators.

The General Assembly is moving quickly to formulate its budget. We need to create an immediate groundswell of opposition to these misguided bills. 
The budget process isn’t over. Legislators can reject these ill-advised, damaging proposals.

Click HERE to email your legislators today and tell them to keep funding for conservation in the state budget. Or better write a letter and put a stamp on it.

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