Mountains-to-Sea Trail – On the beach

Starting with 906.1miles, 94,350 ft. ascent


ORV ramp #27 to north end of Rodanthe

10.0 miles, 100 ascent

Today is Sharon and Jim’s 30th wedding anniversary. I’m honored that she’s spending it with me on the Mountains-to-Sea Trail instead of with Jim.

We’ve been starting very early every morning – out at 7 A.M. and hiking by 7:30 at the latest. And anniversary or not, today is no exception.

We’re on an empty beach before the ORVs wake up.MST236-ORVsetup Off road vehicles are allowed to drive on the beach with certain restrictions.

For some local fishermen, it’s a very contentious issue. They feel they should be cruising a National Seashore like a Brooklyn street in the 1950s.

We get on the beach on an ORV ramp. The sun rises early and quickly here and we’ve been fighting our sunburns; Sharon more than me since she’s so fair.

When I’m old and full of wrinkles, I’ll remember that it’s the MST that did my face in. We apply and reapply sunscreen and I wear a hat but it neer seems to be enough.

MST236-closedPOAs soon as we reach a town, the trail takes us on the streets – in this case Salvo, Waves and Rodanthe. A small closed post office in Salvo still stands.

In the grass on the side of the road, baby killdeers scurry to keep up with their mother. She’s not happy that we are in her territory. I remember that a couple of months ago, on the coastal plains, Kate and I watched a killdeer mating ritual and the chicks are the results.

MST236-midgettcemeteryThe Midgett family name is all over Rodanthe. They own a campground, a large real estate business; even a water treatment plant is named after them. So they need a big cemetery.

Cumulative after 73 days, 916.1miles, 94,450 ft. ascent


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