Mountains-to-Sea Trail – Thank you

MST - Sharon and Danny starting


I’ve been home a week after completing the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. I’ve done the laundry and cleaned my hiking equipment. I’ve caught up with my blog. I’ve filled out my MST completer’s application.

One of the questions that was asked was: Did I want to recognize anyone who helped me with my journey? Of course, I did. I had to use an extra piece of paper to list them all.

No one does the MST by themselves. You need helper of all kinds. So here goes:

Sharon McCarthy, my hiking partner, without whom I would not have done the trail.

Scot Ward’s hiking guide, The Thru-Hiker’s Manual for the Mountains-to-Sea Trail of North Carolina without which I would not have done this trail. Scot’s book never steered us wrong. See Scot’s website.

    Thank you to all the people who walked with me:
    Lenny Bernstein
    Dan Dixon
    Kate Dixon
    Don Gardner of Carolina Mountain Club for the Woods Mountain hike
    Carolyn Hoopes
    Janet Martin
    John Jaskolka
    Terry Smith
    “B” Townes

    Thank you to all the people who provided commercial shuttles (in west to east order):
    Jonathan Creek Inn, Maggie Valley
    Gabriel of Whippoorwill Inn, Danbury
    Hank and Lynn Pownell, Glencoe Mill Village
    Pete Farmer, PaddleCreek, Wake Forest
    Janice Mines of Otway House Bed and Breakfast, Otway
    Edwards Motel of Ocracoke
    Sharon and Fred Williams, Sea Sound Motel, Rodanthe
    Beacon Motel, Nag’s Head
    Thank you to those who provided information outside the guidebook
    Kevin Fitzgerald, Deputy Superintendent of Great Smoky Mountains National Park for suggesting the Smokies route
    Ian Fraher, 2010 completer who worked out a route through Eno River State Park
    Kate Dixon, for updated route through Falls Lake 

I couldn’t have done it without all of you.

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