Coontree Loop in the Pisgah District

Coontree loop - me on bridge

The Carolina Mountain Club hike today (Wednesday) was an extended Coontree Loop in the Pisgah District of Pisgah National Forest. The hike was about 8.5 miles and 2,500 feet of ascent.

Like most of Pisgah, the area was logged. The trails are mostly those left over from logging days – logging roads and logging railroad.

Coontree loop -streamThere were the usual stream crossings but the bridges were very good; a sign that this area is a popular one. On sunny Sundays, the Coontree parking area on US 276 is full.

Coontree loop - chimneyBut we did more than the loop. We climbed to Bennett Gap and then on the Pressley Cove Trail. That’s where we found a chimney.

It was well-maintained and even had a “don’t destroy this antiquity” sign.

Coontree loop-Antiquities noticeI’ve not seen this sign any place else, certainly not in the Smokies. It is assumed that you aren’t going to deface or destroy an artifact.

So at least, the staff at Pisgah know that the chimney is there.

It was a very hot and humid day. We saw few flowers but we did see spiderworts which means that summer is really here.



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